Our Fans Print It Themselves

We only sell Tiletac® paper and offer the free software to design and tile your images. Tiletac® does not sell any images or infringe on any copyright. Tiletac® does not sell or distribute any images without permission.

Now You Can Do It Too!

Since you are creating decor for your own walls, you do not need to worry about copyright. There is no legal or ethical problem with printing and cutting out images to display on your own walls.

Copyright is meant to protect the copyright holder from those who would sell and distribute the images without permission.

Posters & Murals

Create any image at any size. Make your walls come alive with whatever you wish. You chose and print, It is that easy.

You can now have a poster or mural up on your wall in minutes!


Just print any size and cut it out with scissors. The material is made to cut easily. Think of all the great ideas for holidays, parties and events.

Now your favorite friends or celebrities can hang out with you.

Wallpaper /Borders

You can go as big as you like with full wallpaper, murals, cut-outs and borders. Get creative and decorate inexpensively.

It is the Most Creative Paper on the Planet!

Any Image. Any Size

You can now decorate at home or office with your inkjet printer. All you need is a Tiletac® pack and some creativity.

Make sure that you have enough sheets on hand for all your ideas!

Most Creative Paper on the Planet!