The Vision

We have had a long history as a true pioneer of wall decor prior to Fathead®. Our work with 3M Post-it® Note technology and wall products have helped to develop this great new revolutionary product. It has been our vision to create an affordable unique wall decor product/process and offer it to consumers to print any image at any size on their home or office inkjet printers.

The product is the best quality and the process is unique, innovative and affordable.

The Mission

Our mission is to provide a self-stick inkjet printable wallpaper product along with an online design studio and tiling software system. Our goal is to make a very affordable alternative to what is available in the current market for every consumer with an inkjet printer.

We believe that the consumer will see exceptional value in the product and it will become a world-known commodity.


The Tiletac® process is a new type of wall decor that is more creative, affordable and offers more variety for the consumer. Now, on your home or office printer, images can be printed at any size with great resolution.

Consumers can now be creative with any image and print to any size with almost instant gratification. The finished image can be up on the wall within minutes.

The product and process have been carefully tested to create posters, murals, cutouts, borders and more.

  • The Past

    Early on, we were the pioneers before Fathead® in wall decor research and development with Post-it® Note adhesives and other graphic supplier products. We were the true beginning of wall decor, and now we have perfected an innovative product and process that will change the world.

  • The Present

    This premium Tiletac® Inkjet wallpaper product, along with a design and tiling process software, is ready for the market via our ecommerce site. The tiling software has been perfected along with the patent pending pre-cut bordered material so that scissors are not needed. Overlaps are always perfect.

  • The Future

    Consumers will continue to see increased software development with regards to the design capabilities and online creative tools. Along with the incorporation of artificial intelligence software, the future will be amazing.

    You will see that Tiletac® is the most creative paper on the planet.

Most Creative Paper on the Planet!