Go directly to the FREE SOFTWARE to download your pdf files to print on your home or office printer. It would be a good idea to bookmark the free software page.

Try the software out with regular paper and then order Tiletac®,the most creative paper on the planet.

You have to see it to believe it!

Got Inkjet Printer?

Now anyone can print large wall decor on their home and office inkjet printers. The patent-pending Tiletac® materials and process has been developed to ensure your end display is spectacular.

The colors wil pop due to the quality toner receptors. There are built in pre-cut borders to strip away that insures perfect tile to tile overlaps every time. Application is easy since you are working with letter-sized tiles.

This is a synthetic fiber paper with removable adhesive, and definately not the standard shiny vinyl wall sticker. Tiletac® has an elegant matte finish that looks as if it is painted on the walls.

Tiletc® is the Most Creative Paper on the Planet!

Any Image at Any Size

Print it by yourself on any inkjet printer. Choose your personal pics or search the Internet for your favorite images. Upload the high resolution files to the free software to configure the size of your desired image. The software will provide you with downloadable pdf files for inkjet printing on 8.5 " x 11" Tiletac® sheets.

Strip the outer border and then apply each tile overlapping approximately .25 inch. The overlaps are perfect every time. Once applied, the individual sheets become one piece to move and reposition to your desired location. It's that easy!

How it Works

By-pass Licensing for Your Own Personal Use

We only sell Tiletac® paper and offer the free software to design and tile your images. Tiletac® does not sell any images or infringe on any copyright. Tiletac® does not sell or distribute any images without permission.

Since you are creating decor for your own walls, you do not need to worry about copyright. There is no legal or ethical problem with printing and cutting out images to display on your own walls.

Copyright is meant to protect the copyright holder from those who would sell and distribute the images without permission.

The Most Creative Paper on the Planet